INTERNATIONELL UTBLICK: Increasing the impact of public investment through efficient and professional procurement – follow up to the recently adopted by the European Commission Package on Public Procurement

2018-01-31 09:20 – 10:00

Sal: M2

To strengthen the Single Market and as part of the continuous effort to stimulate investment in the EU, the European Commission has put forward in October 2017 an initiative to carry out procurement more efficiently and in a sustainable manner, while making full use of digital technologies to simplify and accelerate procedures. The initiative has four main components: definition of priority areas for improvement; voluntary ex-ante assessment of large infrastructure projects; recommendation on professionalisation of public buyers and consultation on stimulating innovation through public procurement. It proposes partnership approach between the Commission and the Member States, how to work together in the identified priority areas for public procurement in order to achieve better results. Ms Rogalska will discuss the Package and the follow up actions.

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